Gérance C SA is a family real estate management company. Owned by the Coliseum Group, it only manages the assets of Group companies. Quality is the keyword, whether in terms of services but also of the properties that we put on the market and which correspond to your expectations. As owner, we take care of the regular maintenance of our real estate, maintenance from which you benefit directly.


We want to satisfy your desires, through our company culture: "The customer is at the center of our concerns", in order to establish and maintain a relationship of trust. We pamper the properties we offer, it is about your satisfaction, the cornerstone of our values. We aim to establish and maintain close relationships, to demand a very high level of quality in the performance of services and to continuously adapt to your needs which evolve over time. Continuous improvement, proactivity, listening to our customers, are the key words at Gérance C SA.


What if we did things differently? Gérance C SA is revolutionizing traditional management: flexibility and digitization represent the very essence of our vision. What if management was your ally? For everyone and just for you!


Advise you as a client so that you find THE property you are looking for. Gérance C SA, as an entity of the Coliseum Group, offers you properties owned by the latter. Thus, we offer you unparalleled flexibility. No more archaic methods and making way to listening to your needs, to digitalization facilitating your life as a tenant. Welcome to the era of 360° real estate.